Our Products and Services to Ships docked at the Port of Mombasa, Kenya.

Our Services

Technical Stores

We provide a Technical Store, to our shipping customers.

Admiralty Charts

We provide a Best Admiralty Charts,to our shipping customers.

Fire and Safety Equipment

We provide a Best Fire and Safety Equipment, to our shipping customers.

Diving & Cleaning

We provide a Best Diving & Cleaning, to our shipping customers.

Water Supply

We provide a Best Water Supply, to our shipping customers.

Boarding Doctor

We provide a Best Boarding Doctor, to our shipping customers.

Doing Express over 10 years of experience Logistics.


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Why Choose us ?

Doing Express over 10 years of experience.

At Mombasa we take a personal approach to shipping.We are experienced in our field with more then 10 years. We believe the best way to meet customer demands is by forging long-term relationships and gaining a deep understanding of specific customer needs. That is why we make certain that our teams are comprised of experienced specialists.

equipped to provide service across the spectrum of major and minor bulk commodities. Mombasa Ship was established in 2004 in Kenya.

Our Vision

To set the highest standards of Ship Supply in East African Ports through efficiency in our supply cycle and strength in stakeholder relations.

Our Mission: -

Investment in our continuous improvement initiative aims to bring us at the forefront of the Ship Supply market by 2015.

Our Roots:

The pride of our company is built upon always keeping our promise and upholding a long withstanding integrity and goodwill handed down through the generations of the Mombasa Shipchandlers family.

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